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Fibreworks Composites is a full service facility capable of producing high-quality carbon fiber and composite parts.

From initial drawings, to part implementation, FWC has the ability to see a project through to completion with the absolute highest standards possible. Our state of the art facility, combined with a team that thrives on attention to detail, is what provides quality parts and customer service to each and every client.
  • Assemblies
  • High Temperature
  • Internal Moulded Surfaces
  • Complex Geometry
  • Large Parts
  • Co-Moulding
  • Products


Multi-Component Bonded Assemblies


High Temperature

High Temp Application Cyanate Ester & Ceramic Materials

Fibreworks Composite Capabilities

Internal Moulded Surfaces

Moulded class-A surface on internal passages

Fibreworks Composite Capabilities

Complex Geometry

Complex geometries for difficult aero structures

Fibreworks Composite Capabilities

​Large Parts

Capable Of Producing Varying Sized Products, From Small Parts To Large Car Bodies

Fibreworks Composite Capabilities

Elastomer Co-Moulding

Co-Moulding elastomer and composites provides a unique solution to applications where flexibility and light weight are paramount.
Fibreworks Composite Capabilities


Intricate Structures With Stringent Weight & Safety Regulations. See Our SFI NASCAR Seat Here

Fibreworks Composite Seats


Our company’s core philosophy is to satisfy customers with high quality composite parts while meeting their fast pace demands. Manufacturing a wide range of parts for many customers through all forms of motorsports, Fibreworks follows specifications and regulations to keep safety and quality our top priority.