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The Experience and Technology to Scale

The Fibreworks family of companies' embedded engineering and manufacturing systems are designed to support customers all the way from prototypes to high volume manufacture.

Our vertical integration and manufacturing floor training procedures allow us to scale with our customers.

Unleashing Speed

Streamlined Manufacturing for High-Volume Production in Stock Car Racing

Some of our highest volume applications involve vehicles with up to 15 components per vehicle manufactured at rates ranging from 11 to 35 ship-sets per week.

Connecting the World

Efficient Manufacturing for High-Volume Production in Satellite Communication

The Fibreworks Group supports high-volume manufacture for man-packable satellite communication systems composed of booms and multicomponent reflectors.

These carbon composite systems meet high tolerance requirements after field assembly and are supported by our engineering and manufacturing staff through their development and into the manufacture of thousands of assemblies.

Our Research and Development department has devoted countless hours to perfecting high rate press operations for part counts from the hundreds into the many thousands.

These include:

Press operations allow Fibreworks to lower production costs by reducing the labor hours associated with the more common hand lamination techniques utilized on carbon fiber components. 

The Processes to Scale

Reliably scaling to support our customers means hiring and training the best staff.

Our Unique Training Model

Here at the Fibreworks family of businesses, we have developed a training model that allows us to draw from the deep-well of skilled talent here at our home in “race-alley” Mooresville, North Carolina.

Streamlined Composite Manufacturing Processes for Sustainable Growth

One of the driving forces behind our business is to remove tribal knowledge from the business of composite manufacture so that we aren’t restricted by the art/science duality so commonly espoused by legacy composite manufacturing businesses.

We have the processes to hire, train, promote, and keep our laminators, finishers, and all the other support staff that make growth possible.

Expert Staff Training for Consistently High-Quality Results

Our engineering staff starts by developing manufacturing documents fit for training by minimizing the need for an intuitive understating of composite manufacturing.

This is the first step in our ability to train and certify staff at the rate to support your demand.

We understand the importance of scaling our business to meet your demand. That’s why we have developed efficient processes to recruit and train new staff members.

Our in-house certification and re-certification schools ensure that all of our employees are experts in our core processes, guaranteeing high-quality results every time.


We specialize in custom design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions for various industries including Motorsport, OEMs, Advanced Modern Transport, Aerospace, ITAR, Defense, and Medical Equipment.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your projects and rely on our expertise as your trusted composite solution provider.

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