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Covid 19 Face Mask Initiative

Fibreworks is currently manufacturing a lightweight and durable clear polycarbonate face shield using a carbon composite frame, and an elastic strap to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

Fibreworks Composites is utilizing two in-house CNC cutting tables and a state of the art clean room to achieve quantities of up to 10,000 per week. The shield assemblies have been used in hospital settings with positive feedback.

Frame Features

The composite frames are made of carbon fiber, weighing only 16.5grams. They are lightweight and strong enough for continued use. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the frame can be worn for extended periods of time without discomfort.

These can be sterilized safely in an autoclave at 121°C or wiped down and cleaned with over the counter cleaning products. The carbon allows flexibility for a one-size-fits-all design without compromising the overall rigidity and structure.

This frame also shares the same hole spacing as a common 3-hole sheet protector, which may be used in an urgent or difficult situation when other supplies are not available.



The complete face shield assembly includes a 13” x 9.25” contoured polycarbonate face shield, carbon composite frames, and 1” elastic band.

The design features no-hardware to attach the shield to the frame by using barbed cutouts that securely fasten and expand through the frame holes.

The shield and headband can easily be removed for sanitization. The 1” elastic band fits securely through the rear frame holes, and is adjusted by simply pulling through. The assembly weighs 38g in total.

Fit Example

The assembly provides protection, ample ventilation to avoid fogging, and with the 1” strap, comfort for extended wear. Photos show assembly being worn.

Face Shield AssemblyFWC-20-FA-00015-0050$18.89$944.50
Face Shield AssemblyFWC-20-FA-00015-00100$18.34$1,834.00
Face Shield AssemblyFWC-20-FA-00015-00250$17.79$4,447.50
Face Shield AssemblyFWC-20-FA-00015-00500$17.38$8,690.00
Face Shield AssemblyFWC-20-FA-00015-001000$15.67$15,670.00
Polycarbonate ShieldsFWC-20-FC-00051-00100$1.95$195.00

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