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Your Partner in High-Quality Composite Product Development

At Fibreworks Composites, we're committed to providing our customers with the best composite product development solutions. Our high degree of vertical integration and embedded engineering staff allows for fast reaction prototyping and long-term component development, all in partnership with our customers.
Expert In-House Engineering Staff to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Our in-house engineering staff has the experience and expertise to support all stages of product development, from napkin sketches to final components. We offer support for reverse engineering, design verification, structure optimization, and more. Our team is dedicated to producing high-quality workmanship and providing excellent customer service.

Flexible Tooling Options to Support Your Budget, Design, and Quantity Demands

We have the ability to produce several different types of tooling in-house to support prototypes and short-run production, including epoxy direct or carbon fiber tooling. We work with you to identify the best solution to meet your budget, design, and quantity demands.

F1 Mindset of Fast-Paced Development and Launching into Production

At Fibreworks Composites, we have an F1 mindset of fast-paced development and launching into production. We believe in working quickly and efficiently to bring your ideas to life.

Composite Roof Module

Fibreworks developed a composite roof module for a next-generation commercial automotive application. The engineering design team started from a rough concept model and worked with the end-user over the course of 12 months to produce a final composite structure that meets weight requirements while maintaining sensor locations while being acted on by the various forces seen in on-road application.

The unit also fully encloses all the critical components while maintaining cosmetic requirements.

Toyota Racing Development

Fibreworks Composites partnered with Toyota Racing Development to design and manufacture ultra-lightweight sit-ski shells for multiple athletes. Our team unified multiple athlete requirements into a singular shell and optimized the design to reduce weight, simplify manufacturing, and reduce tooling costs.

In just eight weeks, we delivered the first finished prototype.

Advanced Medical Imaging

Fibreworks consulted with medical imaging experts to develop a sub-scale radio-transparent medical bed solution.

Laminate materials were cross compared via CT imaging technology, and a simple structure was developed.


We specialize in custom design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions for various industries including Motorsport, OEMs, Advanced Modern Transport, Aerospace, ITAR, Defense, and Medical Equipment.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your projects and rely on our expertise as your trusted composite solution provider.

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