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Fibreworks Composites utilizes its design team to create products from the ground up.

FWC has worked through the years to perfect seating applications in many tiers of racing, which has translated to various other industries of products. From its own in-house designs, to assisting customers with specific applications and constraints, each seat is produced under strict procedures.


Designed to customer requirements using several supporting softwares: CATIA V5 – 3D CAD, Composite Design Module, SIMULIA (FEA), Mastercam, Gerber CutWorks, Polyworks Inspection Prototype seats made from high density foam to mockup and get feedback.

Fibreworks Composite Seats


Our seat design was optimized with Catia SIMULIA to reduce weight while maintaining the required performance.

The structure, mounting brackets and hardware were analyzed and then tested using dynamic sled testing and quasi static push pull tests.

Our seats pass both the SFI and FIA certification requirements.

Fibreworks Composite Seats


In-house tools can be made from tooling board, aluminum, and carbon composite.

Patterns are designed and fabricated in-house, reducing development cycle time by 6 weeks.

Fibreworks Composite Seats

Quality Control

Documentation accompanies each part. Plybooks ensure the lamination process is consistent for each layup.

Multiple checklists and quality control documents are generated for the manufacturing process.

Fibreworks Composite Seats


We have several seat variations in production and we continue to add new variations to meet specific customer needs.
Fibreworks Composite Seats


Our company’s core philosophy is to satisfy customers with high quality composite parts while meeting their fast pace demands. Manufacturing a wide range of parts for many customers through all forms of motorsports, Fibreworks follows specifications and regulations to keep safety and quality our top priority.