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Fibreworks Composites (FWC) can produce the mould tooling to make your composite program a success.

We manufacture mould tooling for all of our in-house projects so we know what it takes to build a turn-key solution for our customers.  We can provide first articles along with low-rate-initial-production (LRIP) and production documents for your team.

Our combination of engineering, machining, and finishing gives FWC the capability to produce several options of mould tooling in a variety of materials to fit your composite production needs.

Materials are optimized for limited use or volume production.

Composite tooling begins with a precision machined pattern (or plug) which is fabricated in-house, then prepped for lamination by sanding, polishing, surface sealing, and all necessary surfaces are released.

The plug is laid up with carbon tooling pre-preg and processed to produce a stable tool which matches the thermal expansion and provides excellent part quality.

Direct mould tooling provides a cost-effective way to produce parts in low volumes while achieving high quality.

Several tooling board material options are available and have the quickest turn-around.

Metallic mould tools are also produced in-house. These provide long-lasting results with tighter tolerances and higher quality surface finishes.

Metal mould tools allow for high volume production with minimal maintenance.

  • Direct Moulds from Tooling Board
  • Composite Tooling
  • Metal Mould Tools

Direct Moulds from Tooling Board

Cost-effective way to produce parts for low volume production.

Fibreworks Composite Tooling

Composite Tooling

Composite tooling provides dimensional stability by matching the thermal expansion of the carbon composite part and provides excellent quality.  Inserts can be used to provide localized durability.

Fibreworks Composite Tooling

Metal Mould Tools

Metal tooling provides the high durability to allow for high volume production.  We offer aluminum, steel, and Invar® options to fit your specific needs.

Fibreworks Composite Tooling


Our company’s core philosophy is to satisfy customers with high quality composite parts while meeting their fast pace demands. Manufacturing a wide range of parts for many customers through all forms of motorsports, Fibreworks follows specifications and regulations to keep safety and quality our top priority.